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We are proud to have worked with these brands

We have had the privilege of collaborating with some remarkable brands, and we are truly grateful for the trust they have placed in us to enhance their branding and marketing endeavors. While we prefer to let our work speak for itself, we cannot help but share the success stories of our clients. From startups striving to make their mark to established names looking for a fresh perspective, our team has worked diligently to bring authenticity and innovation to their brand stories. We believe in staying true to our mission – to create a memorable, distinctive, and authentic brand experience.


Non-profit organization striving to educate, support, and empower communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Immunity Masterclass

Non-profit organization striving to empower people to take more responsibility for their own health.


Dubai-based trading company, specialised in providing eco-friendly dental products, promoting sustainable oral care solutions for a greener future.

Epoch Media & Events

Trailblazing African communications company, dedicated to advancing the discourse of sustainability throughout all sectors of the economy.


Ghanaian-based retail company,  dedicated to offering eco-conscious dental products, championing sustainable solutions for oral care to contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.

Africa Sustainability Report

Standout publication on the topic of sustainability across all economic sectors in Africa.

Africa Sustainability Summit

Comprehensive and high-profile business conference in Africa on the topic of sustainability.


Belgian-based holistic wellness hub, empowering individuals on their journey to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle through services including massage therapy, Malva therapy, physical movement, health coaching, workshops, and rejuvenating retreats.

Energy Harmony Oasis

Belgian-based transformative healing centre focused on providing holistic wellness solutions through the innovative Energy Enhancement System™ Scalar Wave Technology. 

Destined 2 Perform

Leading coaching company rooted in Belgium, passionately committed to unlocking the full potential within each individual. 

AHO! - All Hearts Open

AHO! is a Belgian-based dynamic and inspiring platform that warmly connects authentic individuals, organizations, and businesses. It encourages them to unite, exchange ideas, and forge enduring, invaluable relationships with one another.

Sound of Freedom

An exclusive screening of the famous movie “Sound of Freedom” that aimed at creating an impactful experience for the audience, putting the spotlight on the troubling issue of human trafficking and child sex abuse.

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