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What we delivered
  • Logo

  • House Style

  • Email Signature

  • Letterhead

  • Website development

  • Partnership proposal

  • In-depth research

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Creation and Scheduling

  • Social Media Pages creatives

  • Social Media Management

What our client needed

Epoch Media & Events Ltd., a pioneering African communications company focused on promoting sustainability across various sectors, sought our expertise to establish a compelling brand identity and a dynamic online presence. With a mission to empower Africa to lead its sustainability journey and engage globally, they needed a brand and digital strategy to effectively communicate their vision.

The journey

Our journey with Epoch Media & Events began with a mission to advance sustainability discourse across several economic sectors. We crafted a unique logo and house style, extending our collaboration to essential branding elements. In the digital realm, we developed an informative website, conducted in-depth research, and formulated a content strategy. This journey also included content creation, scheduling, and creative design for social media pages. We took on the role of managing their social media platforms, ensuring effective communication of their sustainability vision. The result is a brand empowering Africa to lead its sustainability journey and engage with the global community, showcased at Epoch Media & Events.

Ready to transform your brand?

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