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A range of services tailored to set your brand apart

We have broken our services down into four different stages, all of which relate to a specific time within the branding process.

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Stage    1   

Essence of Your Brand

Building a radiating brand starts with focusing on your core values. It is only by understanding your deepest truth and desires that you will be able to build a genuine and lasting connection with your target audience. In this crucial phase, we will get down to the very essence of you and your organisation. The purpose is simple: establish the foundations of your brand that will guarantee success, growth and long-term sustainability.

Stage    2   

Brand Identity Creation

Once we have identified the essence of your brand, it is time to start creating your brand identity. During this step of the branding process, we will (re)develop your logo, (re)define your house style and tell the unique and compelling story of your brand, which automatically includes your Brand Baseline, that concise yet incredibly potent statement beneath your logo. To add power to your brand identity, we can also assist with copywriting. Once completed, you will possess absolute clarity on what, how, and to whom you need to convey your message.

brand identity, logo design, brand storytelling, brand house style, copywriting
brand identity, design creatives, design business cards, design brochures, design pitch deck, design proposals, design social media post, website design
Stage    3   

Brand Identity Implementation

Once your brand identity has been established, we will move forward with designing your creatives, such as business cards, brochures, presentations, pitch decks, proposals, and of course your website, all of which will have the same appealing look and feel. All of these creatives combined will help you visually communicate your brand message, showcase your Unique Value Proposition, build credibility and trust, drive sales, and ultimately increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Stage    4   

Brand Awareness & Visibility

Here we focus on creating brand recognition and awareness among your target audience. We assist you with setting up your social media accounts, develop a content strategy, do social media management, identify the right keywords (SEO), and help you set up email marketing campaigns. This stage it is all about providing valuable content to your audience and being consistent with your brand visibility efforts. You will be able to build trust and credibility over time, ultimately leading to long-term customer loyalty.

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What Our Clients Say

BRANDEPIC has been instrumental in shaping the identities of both GREENBOSS. Their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability perfectly align with our vision. Jonathan and his team have a remarkable ability to turn ideas into visually stunning and impactful brand elements. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Rajesh Gobindram,

Co-Founder of GREENBOSS


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