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What we delivered
  • Why / Vision / Mission

  • Logo & House Style

  • Business Card

  • Presentation

  • Proposal

  • Pitch Deck

  • Digital Signature

  • Marketing & Communications Plan

  • Website development

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Creation and Scheduling

  • Social Media Management

  • Online Ad Campaigns

  • Video Production

  • Challenges and Donation campaigns

  • Personalized Hashtags

  • Podcast setup

  • Conducting Interviews 

What our client needed

Positively Alive, a Belgian Charity, sought comprehensive branding and communication strategies to further two pivotal goals. The first objective was to de-stigmatize HIV by disseminating positive, empowering messages through social media. The second goal involved fundraising for organizations combating HIV/AIDS while supporting research for a vaccine and cure.

The journey

We led Positively Alive's branding initiative, crafting a compelling logo and aligning all elements with their mission. Through a vibrant website, uplifting social media content, engaging fundraising activities, and consistent messaging, we facilitated the normalization of HIV. Additionally, we expanded their audience via a dedicated Facebook group, empowering a community to spread awareness effectively. Our efforts not only raised funds for HIV cure research but also directed a portion of the proceeds to support vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa, particularly those living with HIV. This comprehensive approach led to a cohesive brand identity, fostering a supportive community committed to help end the HIV & AIDS epidemic.

Ready to transform your brand?

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